Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Lush Cosmetics Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

So at first when the very beautiful and talented Luzanne from Pink Peonies and my beautiful out of this world blogger friend Michelle from Ordinary Misfit raved about this cuticle butter, I was a little upset because at the time, there was no such thing as Lush Cosmetics in Durban and I never thought I'd get to ever try this out. Of course, who would know better than the two beautiful ladies who had the most amazing nail art skills and nails (can you smell my jealousy?) Few months later... I was lucky to get my rather under moisturised hands on this gorgeous cuticle butter. So I couldn't care less about my cuticles... I can feel the angry mob of nail lovers come after me for saying that, but I honestly didn't worry much about it, because I just never thought about it...until I purchased this holy grail product. 

I'm going to start of with what Lush says about the product: "Softens hard skin all over the body, especially the cuticles. We made Lemony Flutter to soften your cuticles; it’s our thickest cream out there. It’s so good at softening your cuticles and nourishing your nails that Lush customers have been using it to soften and nourish lots of other body parts like their feet, elbows and knees. Fortunately, it’s a very reasonably priced cream, so you can afford to use it as widely as you wish. Take more care of your extremities and invest a small sum in a Lemony pot." 
What do I think of the Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream: Let's be honest here... As soon as I opened this pot I thought... Yummy Woolworths Lemon Cheese Cake drizzled with lemon sweet sauce, everything I needed to make me crave cheese cake. What everyone else asked me... Who smells like lemon grass (trust me, my family loves the smell of lemon grass) OKAY! I get carried away...
Back to my review now! 
So I used this deliciously tempting cuticle butter as a hand cream for a few days and my hands instantly felt soft and all smooth, and now I have separation issues and don't leave my lemony flutter away from me. My favourite part is definitely the texture, you know it is a good rich texture and is definitely going to give you the most softest hands ever. It is completely non greasy, however it leaves hands with a soft shine which looks a little oily.  
I'd still give this product a thumbs up (notice how soft my thumbs look thanks to this product?) It is affordable, because R105 for 50g is not such a bad price for this miracle cream, and once you've tried it... You know what I mean. Especially because winter is around the corner, I'd recommend it twice as much, so say hello to softer, smoother hands in a matter of days... 

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