Monday, 12 May 2014

27 Pinkx launch in Beverly Hills Hotel

Durban bloggers were lucky enough to get a glimpse of the 27 Pinkx range in Durban on Thursday, 8 May 2014. We were dazzled and mesmerized at the Beverly Hills Hotel, as we were introduced to the 27 Pinkx range, got to mingle with the Durban bloggers, as well as meet the stunning Danielle Franco as well as Khatija Ahmed, who is one of the gorgeous sisters from 27 Pinkx.
 27Pinkx was created with one simple mission in mind: to bring a little piece of Hollywood luxury to women through out South Africa. We produce exceptional and stylish makeup storage and tools at an affordable price for our consumers. 27 Pinkx is owned by the gorgeous duo Khatija and Anjum Ahmed, and was founded by the sisters in 2012.
ABOVE: I was lucky enough to catch a shoot of Khatija Ahmed from 27 Pinkx at the launch.
 BELOW: The luscious lashes 27 Pinkx has to offer for girls who love gorgeous lashes. The lashes come in a set of 5 pairs, with each pair of lashes having an even more mesmerizing effect than the previous one. What 27 Pinkx says about the Lashes: "The 27Pinkx lash collection ranges from natural to ultra voluminous black lashes. These lashes are suitable for all eye shapes and add a pop of wow to every look." If you looking for an organizer, introducing the MINI ORGANISER, it is perfect to store your make up. What 27 Pinkx says about the Mini Organiser: "This beauty is perfect for those who have limited storage space. This organizer is ideal for jewelery, makeup and cosmetics."
Lashes retail for R230 , while the mini organizer retails for R1200, and are available on the 27 Pinkx website.
ABOVE: The 27 Pinkx make up brushes, which are gorgeous and feel super soft and amazing. The brushes come in a gorgeous brush bag to hold the 10 amazing brushes ranging from :Edge brush, Pencil brush, Flat brush, Small flat brush, Blending brush, Concealer brush, Foundation brush, Blush brush, Powder brush and Lip brush. - Retails for R420
27 Pinkx Acyrlic Brush Holder: Above is the gorgeous acrylic holder which can hold up to 16 brushes. Acrylic Brush Holder retails at R380.

The Palettes from 27 Pinkx are absolutely beautiful, I really couldn't get over them, I was really lucky to get to play around with the palettes at the 27 Pinkx launch! The palettes range from eye shadows, to lip palettes, and lets not forget the dreamy blush palette. The eye shadows are soft and have a gorgeous buttery feel, I really can't explain how gorgeous the shades are and how perfectly pigmented they are. Palettes from Top to Bottom: Blush Bronzer and Highlighter Palette - Retails for R460, Eye Shadow Palette Naughty Nudes Palette - Retails for R460, Lip Palette: Sugar and Spice - Retails for R450, Eye Shadow Palette High End Palette - Retails for R460

More about the 27 Pinkx Durban Launch
While our night was filled with the most yummy food, ranging from perfectly cut sandwiches, to tempting little treats, to the freshly baked macaroons which we couldn't resist. I think the most fascinating part of the night was getting to have a high tea with all of the bloggers as well as Khatija and Danielle and play around with the gorgeous make up! All the bloggers were gifted gorgeous 27 Pinkx make up brushes, so look out for a review soon!
The tempting food at the 27 Pinkx launch
The beautiful table décor, which I couldn't resist taking a picture of, mainly because everything looked so perfect, definitely to set in a calm and relaxing mood.
Gorgeous food? Beverly Hills Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks knows best!
Our High Tea was filled with gorgeous candles to make the night luminous as well as add a perfect glow to our night, making it absolutely unforgettable.

27 Pinkx has an incredible range of make up (palettes, pigments and imported make up) as well as acrylic organisers and make up brushes. 27 Pinkx also stocks Ciate nail polish in unlimited shades! They currently stock the Konjac facial sponges as well. If you're looking for a gorgeous make up brush holder, with a touch of luxury... you know where to look!
Have a look at the 27 Pinkx Blog
Plus if you're an Instagram addict, make sure you follow 27PINKX to look at the gorgeous make up styles done by the 27 Pinkx sisters, as well as a touch of fashion and into the 27 Pinkx range! 

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