Monday, 7 April 2014

Monday's Must Have : Matte Hair

So you read right! Matte hair! I was a little shocked when I read this but Cosmopolitan magazine had an article about Breaking the Beauty Laws in their April 2014 issue, and the first law to be broke was that hair ought to be perfectly glossy. The article stated "Matte, textured hair looks fresher and more modern than polished glamourous styles..." This caught my attention so badly because I've been wanting to experiment with some sea salt spray for ages! 

Cosmopolitan states " getting the look is easy: a new wave of matte hair products will add texture and volume without you having to use tongs or curling or setting hair". So this got me even more excited to experiment with, even though I have pin straight hair, to get that beachy layered look I wanted... I had to use a curling wand a little... 
So I haven't had time to do a review on all of the sea salt sprays I've tried so far and how I've achieved the matte look... But I did add a list of the products you can try out to get the perfect matte look! 
After checking out Instagram I noticed that Alisha Baker from Baked the Blog had used a sea salt spray to get these beautiful textured waves and her hair seriously had that raw beach look... I felt so inspired to test out a sea salt spray ASAP!!
So if you in the mood to experiment with some sea salt spray, check out the Toni & Guy tutorial on how to get a textured matte look!
Would you experiment with these gorgeous matte looks? Or would you rather stick to regular glossy hair? Let me know!

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