Friday, 4 April 2014

Guest Post: The Jam Jar's Friday's Favourite Five

Hi my Sparkles!

As you all know, I recently did a guest post for Naeemah from The Jam Jar. Over the past few weeks Naeemah and I have been chatting quite a bit and we share quite a few of the same interests, besides blogging and being crazy about Lush Cosmetics, we both have a crazy obsession with Hello Kitty. So this week Naeemah chose to do a Friday's Favourite Five for me! I'm super excited because some of those products are my favourite too!
 I hope you guys enjoy this guest post, because it is ONE of MANY more to come!
1. The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream | R90.00
(You can get it 20% off if you are a LYB member until the 6th of April. Yay!)
I absolutely love the scent of the Chocomania range. It smells like rich, decadent brownie mix. This pearlescent shower cream leaves your body feeling soft and smelling amazing. The scent really makes me feel like a big slice of chocolate brownie and that makes me extremely happy, yo :) I've really been loving this shower cream for the cold nights Cape Town has been having.
2. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 005 Crush | R120.00
If you are into lip stains then I suggest you pick up the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. It has the amazingness of a lip stain and the amazingness of a lip balm (duh, Naeemah!). It's very moisturizing and the finish is just beautiful. It's really affordable as well so yay! I've been loving it for my shifts at The Baxter Theatre because it lasts long, it keeps my lips feeling moisturized and looking faaaab, gurl! 
3. Lush Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb | R45.50
I've been lusting over the Phoenix Rising bath bomb since I saw the demo video on YouTube. Like I said in my review about this bath bomb, it is everything I expected and more. It's perfect for chilly nights because the yummy cinnamon scent warms up your mind and body. It's probably the prettiest bath bomb I've ever seen! I made sure I stocked up on this bath bomb before it gets discontinued or something.
4. Lush Carrot Soap | R39.50 per 100g
The Carrot Soap lathers up really well on a loofer and the lather is extremely soft and it makes your skin feel so damn soft. The scent of the Carrot Soap is very different compared to other Lush products. With moisturizing carrot seed oil and skin-softening Fair Trade Organic cocoa butter, this soap is definitely awesome for dry skin. I love the tropical fruity scent of this soap and the scent lingers for the longest time ever!
5. eos Hand Lotion in Berry Blossom | $1.99
The packaging of this hand lotion is what grabbed my attention at first. Like how cute is it???
It fits perfectly in my handbag, which is a major plus. The scent isn't that potent but it is enough to leave hands smelling yummy! I love the fact that this hand lotion is non-greasy and hypoallergenic. It makes my hands feel super soft and looking well moisturized as well!

Note from Naeemah: I hope you had fun reading my favourites for this Friday :)
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 Purple Sparkle Note: After reading Naeemah's review on the Lush Phoenix Rising bath bomb, I really think I should get it, especially because it looks so absolutely beautiful before using it and after using it.

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