Thursday, 10 April 2014

Guest Post: Style by Shaheeda

Volume with Moroccanoil
The Moroccanoil products hit South African shores a few years ago, and there was much hoo-haa about them. I remember not purchasing the famed oil because I thought it was overpriced and there was something about oil mixed with hair that made me nervous (I used to suffer with oily roots). Once I used though, I was sold!!!!
As much as can go on about the oil, my review is on the Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. I used to have really fine hair due to heat styling and not using correct products.Although my hair is much healthier now, I still tend to gravitate to anything that has the word Volume associated with it. I received a voucher from a salon (due to their botched attempt of colouring my hair), the salon had just recently started stocking Moroccanoil products. I used the voucher to buy the much talked about product range.
Hands down I am going to be honest; I was highly disappointed by the Shampoo. As I applied it, it felt like the product disappeared (There was no lather as with most Shampoo’s). Once washed off my hair felt sticky and heavy (The oddest description I know). The only pro I can say is that it is suitable for colour treated hair.  
Price:  R265
Rate: 2/5
The conditioner makes up for the lacklustre Shampoo. Upon application my hair felt soft instantly, it is very light weight and detangles your hair (Trust me after using the shampoo you need that). Another plus is that even though I used it on my roots, there was no oily residue after I dried my hair. This product is also suitable for colour treated hair. I would probably buy the extra volume conditioner and use it in conjunction with another brand of shampoo.
Price: R290
Rate: 5/5
(Note that all prices are based on what I paid)
Now the main question: Do I have flowy, bouncy hair?
Not really. I have used the products for about two months and there is no difference in the texture in my hair. The only thing is that it has maintained the healthiness, although I have coloured my hair twice while using it. My hair is still soft with minimal damage to the ends.
I recommend if your local salon stocks ask them to wash your hair with your preferred choice, or if they can provide samples.
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