Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Essence Me & My Ice Cream Shimmer Pearls

If I could tell you how absolutely long I waited for this trend to hit South African stores, you'd wonder why I am so crazy about this product... Well let me tell you why - this beautiful Essence creation is a dupe product for the famous Guerlain Meteorites, it is indeed much more affordable yet I've noticed quite a few people complain about how they couldn't find it anywhere. There is something I really really like about this product, it could be everything in fact... It is a perfect product I guess, and here is why! 
The packaging: Simple with beautiful pastel colours, makes this product all girly and even more irresistible to get your hands on. The clear tube makes your eyes twinkle as you look at the colourful pearly beads in the colours of yellow, pink, green, purple  and peach while the screw on lid is a pink pastel colour with text on the top. 

What does Essence say about this product: "Multi coloured shimmer pearls for illuminating finish on face and body. Shade : 01 I-CY U" 
What I think of the product: Firstly... As soon as you open the tub, you get this sweet candy and vanilla scent which is present thanks to the pearly beads. The shimmer beads are small little balls of coloured shimmer ( at first I thought they were colour correcting also, but I didn't see much of that... So I wouldn't say they should be taken as colour correcting). 
So these beads are quite shimmery in the tub, but not so much on a brush, because once dusted on skin, it doesn't really give skin the look you get when using an actual illuminator. The trick to it is grab yourself a fluffy powder brush (I used the Essence Powder Brush) and work yourself a good swirl in the beads...
You'll notice a fine white powder, brush it over skin and let the magic begin. I'd have to be honest and say...these shimmer pearls aren't too over powering, of course that doesn't disappoint me because I think it gives my skin a lovely soft glow, which is perfect for the upcoming months. Plus it would be perfect to use over your neck and décolleté as well as your face to add a soft glow and luminous look, do don't expect big sparkles, because this is a soft shimmer which I really appreciate because it is hard to get this on the market now days. 

My final verdict: If a soft glow is what you looking for... Get this beauty right now! It is very limited edition so if you spot it, make sure you grab it off the shelf! It retails at R45 which I think is fairly reasonable for the type of product you're getting as well as it lasting quite long because you don't really need a lot of this product to get a soft shimmery glow. 



  1. I love Essence! For now, I have only bought nail polish. When I eventually try out a new product, I am sure I will go for something like this. x {Ps. Forgive me if this comment repeats itself, I can't view if it has been sent}

  2. I bought this too, I bought most of the range, haha!

    Havent used it yet though

  3. I bought this but was really disappointed with it as I didn't notice any shimmer at all - could be to do with my very fair complexion maybe?!


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