Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Hair Heroes Splat Washables - Purple Swag

I've always wanted this bright vibrant purple hair, but never ever got a chance to really try it out, because I don't like commitment to vibrant colours for many reasons. I came across a website called Hair Heroes, and believe me, they are some real heroes! I immediately ordered a product called Splat Washables and some purple hair extensions! 
Three days later... My order was at my door and I was beyond excited. Once I ripped open the packaging (couldn't hold my excitement any longer) I found all my products neatly packaged as well as a super sweet note written from the Hair Heroes team, this was an extra special moment for me, because it shows that Hair Heroes really value their customers!
 So my review today will be on Splat Washables in Purple Swag. 
What Hair Heroes say about Splat Washables: "Splat Washables is a temporary hair color that is easy to apply and comes in 4 amazingly bright colors! Our unique formula is not a gel, it is a temporary hair color. Built-in conditioners prevent the color from drying rock-hard in your hair, so it's easy to comb through and re-style. Applicator brush is included! Easily Washes Out With Shampoo!" 

In the Splat Washables Kit: 
  • Tube of Splat Washables 
  • Applicator Brush 
  • Instructions on the box 

The directions from Hair Heroes: 
  • Place an old towel over shoulders when applying color.
  • Make sure your hair is dry.
  • DO NOT apply hair spray before application.
  • Brush Application: Squeeze color directly on the applicator brush or squeeze color onto the palm of your hand, dip the applicator brush into color. Take the selected strands of hair you want to color and brush the color down the hair.
  • Direct Application: Squeeze a generous amount of color onto the palm of your hand and run through hair.
  • The color will be slightly wet when first applied. It will dry on its own after a few minutes. Dry with blow-dryer on low heat.
  • Finish with hair spray to prevent rub off.
  • Rinse the color off the applicator brush with water

So the process is quite simple, you squeeze some of the temporary colour on the brush, and simply brush it into your hair and wait to try (or you can dry it with a hair dryer). The brush makes it easy if you're looking for some simple streaks or highlights on your hair. I found the Purple Swag to be so vibrant that I could actually see it on my medium brown hair, so if you get disappointed by other temporary hair colours, I promise this one won't disappoint! If your hair is black, I doubt you going to get a lot of colour pay out, I am not sure if you would get any. I'm planning to go with an ombré look soon, so I know my Splat Washables is going to come in handy then! 

My final thoughts on the Splat Washables: I really like the squeeze tube, because it allows you to get every single bit of the product out. The product has a clean scent and the process seems fairly easy, so funky fabulous hair is just minutes away! I especially like how my hair doesn't get all hard after application like I have gel in it, plus I find the squeeze tube to be compact, so it easy for traveling and taking out for touch ups. I'd say on my hair colour (a medium brown) the product washes out in the first wash so you won't have a problem, but with much lighter hair, I'd say two washes may be needed. 

The Splat Washables are available in the following colours: 
  • Hot 4 Pink
  • Purple Swag 
  • Electric Blue
  • Totally Reds 

Each kit retails at R114, which I think is fairly reasonable for how long the tube lasts, so if you're not up for commitment colour , I'd recommend you give this one a try!

If you're looking for more amazing hair products, check out Hair Heroes Website or find them on Twitter & Facebook


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