Sunday, 30 March 2014

Avon Foot Works Anti-Rub Stick

So I wasn't sure if everyone is an animated movie fan like me, so I guess I should explain my cartoon if you didn't really get it. It actually means killer heels + Avon Anti- Rub Stick = Happy Feet.

Nobody likes blisters or sore feet after a night in killer heels, now you'll never have to face a day like that in your life. Thanks to the amazing Anti-Rub Stick from Avon, you'll have blister free feet every time you go out! The miniature little stick is perfect to fit in any clutch bag on a night out. This scentless balm stick is white in colour and simply needs to be applied to feet areas which are more prone to blisters. To apply the Anti-Rub Stick, you simply twist the base until a sufficient amount of the balm appears and apply to feet with a back and forth motion. This balm is not greasy so it won't make feet slip or feel uncomfortable. I would really recommend you give this Avon Foot Works Anti-Rub Stick because it is affordable and really works, I haven't had a blister in almost a year now and I'm absolutely loving this product, it's a must when on special! 


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