Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Fragrance

Everything about this perfume, including the box... Is related to Nicki Minaj. The box is a beautiful pink and purple gradient box which has Nicki Minaj's silhouette in a gold embossed print on the box. The border of the box is a gold chain, which reminds me of Nicki Minaj's gold bling which is always around her neck. The box's colours (pink and purple) are completely Nicki Minaj's colours which she's always wearing, while the gold resembles all the bling. 

The perfume bottle is a bust of the pop star herself. It freaks me out a bit as well, but the fragrance is absolutely divine. The bottle cap is Nicki Minaj's face which is in shimmering gold, while the hair on the bust is of course...Pink with the signature fringe. The remainder of the bottle has the body of the pop star, which is clear and then has a boob tube top in a different frosted glass. What makes the bottle of this fragrance unique is that it has a name chain in gold which is attached to the bottle, the name says "Nicki Minaj" which is similar to the one she wears.
I was absolutely lucky enough to receive this perfume from my boyfriend as a present, of course my boyfriend knows how to spoil me. I'm not really a Nicki Minaj fan, but the scent is so amazingly dreamy and fruity, I couldn't say no! I received the 50ml bottle, which is a little different from the original bottle I spoke about on the top, however it's mainly the fragrance which I love and not the bottle. The fragrance is perfect for summer because its more of a summer or spring fragrance. 

The fragrance which is in collaboration with the Elizabeth Arden company has a lovely refreshing scent, the scent is an intoxicating floral, it's a musky one which is mixed with fruity notes, pink flower petals, creamy vanilla, musk and wood.  The fragrance opens with notes such as star fruit, Italian mandarin, and a blackberry and raspberry hybrid called boysenberry. In the heart of the fragrance are lotus and starry jasmine petals while the base notes have caramelized pear, vanilla, musk and woody notes.  

I would really recommend you get this fragrance! It's a lovely scent which you can get addicted too... The fragrance comes in a 50ml bottle which retails at R395 while the bigger bottle is a 75ml bottle which retails at R495. Whether you're a Nicki Minaj fan or not, you must try this perfume. It's fun, fruity and pink... what more could a girl ask for? Plus the scent isn't overwhelming but lingers on skin all day long.

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