Friday, 11 October 2013

Yardley Loose Bronzing Powder

I purchased this AMAZING bronzing powder recently, the bronzing powder is part of the Yardley Wild Summer limited edition range. As soon as I entered Clicks, the Yardley stand caught my attention, everything in this range is bold and absolutely eye catching. I chose the Loose Bronzing Powder because I can never have enough of bronzers. 

The bronzer comes in a clear bottom compact which allows you to see the golden shimmering product, while the lid is a bright hot pink lid with a shimmering blue leopard print which is super cute. The bronzer comes in the shade Bronze Delight. I was pleased to know the bronzer comes with a powder puff, the powder puff has a  velvet smooth feel which is perfect for sensitive skin so there is no hurting or irritating skin. 

The bronzer has a sieve which contains 20 spaces for the product to come out, the sieve is quite big for enough product to come out, however this doesn't make the product good for travelling because extra of the product will fall out if the product is tossed and turned in your bag, so that is the only downfall of the product. 

The actual product is amazing, it's the perfect shade of bronze with an amazing shimmering gold tone which leaves skin looking sculptured and contoured as well as high lighting facial features. I've been using the product for just over a few days and I'm absolutely loving this bronzer. I use it with my angled brush because I find it easier to apply my bronzer.  

I would really recommend everyone gives this bronzer a try, it's fine and lightweight on my skin. The shimmer really gives your skin a glow which I'm crazy about, it also makes this bronzer perfect for a day time or night time look. Just a friendly reminder, after purchasing the product, when you are removing the safety sticker on the sieve, BE CAREFUL!  It can spill everywhere. This bronzer retails at around R79. 

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  1. Never heard of the product love the packaging you did a great review thanks.


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