Monday, 29 July 2013

Topshop: All Over Glow Liquid Illuminator

So since everyone has been going crazy about Topshop make up, I decided to visit Topshop in Gateway for a little make up shopping. I've been looking for a good illuminator recently and I didn't have much luck finding one which I really liked. I was browsing till something amazing caught my attention. The Topshop illuminator is called "All Over Glow" and comes in a shiny, shimmering reflector squeeze tube with white writing. The tube states that the product is a Liquid Illuminator. I was super excited to try it out so I purchased it! I couldn't stop looking at the tube (when you see the pictures, you'll understand why).

I tested the product as soon as I got home, the product has a screw on cap, which is easier to handle so there's no mess, the tube also has a very small nozzle so too much of the product won't just squirt out at you. As I squeezed out a bit of the product on the back of my hand, I realised that the illuminator was a slight cream texture (like whipped foundation) which I thought was better to handle and apply. The illuminator is white in colour, but has a slight bronze and redish glow to it, as you blend the illuminator in skin, you can see the shimmer much more than before the product was blended in. Once the product is completely blended into skin, you can instantly see your skin having a beautiful glow which I've never seen with any other illuminator which I've tried.

The illuminator is very easy to blend into skin, it smooths perfectly onto skin without making skin look dry. The illuminator can be used as a liquid highlighter and can be mixed with moisturiser, BB Cream or foundation, or can be used on bare skin. I find the illuminator to set the best with foundation. The best part about this illuminator is that it gives skin a beautiful glow, without irritating skin. It also gives a natural glow and not a crazy illuminated look. I read on the Topshop website that the illuminator can also be used for a body illuminator! So it can double up for a face and body illuminator.

The secret to this product is that the fine particles in the illuminator can be used for a light glow on skin, or can be layered for a more intense look or to highlight certain areas on the face or on your body! On your face, use the illuminator to highlight cheekbones, when using it as a body illuminator, use it to highlight collarbone and shoulders for a glamorous but subtle glow which is long lasting and will catch eyes all over the room!

I would really recommend you give this Topshop Illuminator a try, firstly because it retails for R160, which is affordable for a Topshop product and because you don't need a lot of the illuminator to give your skin a beautiful glow. Secondly because the product is so amazing and I can recommend it as the best illuminator I've tried so far. Plus if you're a sucker for a good packaging, then this is the product for you! The packaging is super cute and trendy, plus if you're touching up your make up in the restroom or with others, it will definitely get you some envy looks! 


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