Monday, 29 July 2013

Manicure Monday

This week I decided to go with a slight manicure twist, I wanted plain nails, but then I also wanted something to glitter and sparkle, so I chose my favourite Essence shade called 149 Hello Marshmallow! and my favourite Nails Inc shade called 451 Bloomsbury Square.

Essence : 149 Hello Marshmallow!
The Essence nail polish is a colour & go polish, which means its quite quick drying, which is something I really love about the range. The shade 149 Hello Marshmallow! is just as cute as it sounds, the shade is a beautiful lavender colour which has a very fine shimmer, which is less visible once the polish has dried up. I really like the Essence brush because its wide enough to reach in all the corners of my nail and give me a beautiful even shade which has no messy sides *sigh* who am I kidding, I messed all around the edges! The bottle has recently gone a change, which makes it quite a cool bottle, a bit of a pear shape, but gives a good grip. The polish itself is quite a strong pastel colour, and only needs around two shades to look the full colour on the bottle, the polish has a lovely glossy finish, thanks to the think textured polish.

Nails Inc: 451 Bloomsbury Square
Second up is my Nails Inc Polish, yes my mother almost freaked when I said I paid R120 for this polish. This polish comes in the shade 451 Bloomsbury Square which I really love, it's part of the Special Effects range, the polish has 3D glitter. Well to me it's a really fancy way of saying textured glitter, the polish has purple fine glitter and hot pink rough glitter, which once painted gives a texture (something like the liquid sand). The polish has quite a lovely texture which is a bit thin, but glides on fingers perfectly! I love the bottle style because its really eye catching, especially the shimmer mirror effect lid. The brush for the Nails Inc polish is a bit small, but I appreciate it for the hard to reach corners, which I can proudly say this time I didn't mess around my fingers! This nail polish isn't actually meant to be used by itself, because it needs a base coat to show the proper bottle colour, so would be really nice if it was used just as a top coat. I used two coats of this polish to get the desired bottle colour, which I found reasonable.

Today's Manicure Monday
I've decided to go with a slight twist, I painted all my nails with two coats of the Essence 49 Hello Marshmallow! and then painted my left and right hand ring finger with one coat of the Nails Inc Special Effects 451 Bloomsbury Square. I only used one coat of the 451 Bloomsbury Square because I wanted the lilac to show slightly as a base coat!

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