Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Accessorize Baked Bronzer Duo - Bondi Shade 4

Everything about this bronzer is simply amazing, I really don't know how to express my excitement the day I purchased this bronzer, but of course... I will try my best! Firstly the packaging, it is a beautiful clear lid, with a chocolate brown base, while the front of the bronzer has a beautiful shimmering gold soft textured design with circles a ring around the clear see through compact lid. My favourite part was that this bronzer had a beautiful butterfly design which I really couldn't stop looking at... Shiny butterflies with the word "Accessorize" at the bottom. (see the pictures)

As soon as I opened the packaging there was a beautiful dome shaped bronzer staring back at me. The bronzer is a duo of two shades, one being a very light bronzer which has a gold look to skin with fine shimmer, while the other is a much more highly pigmented bronzer, which is filled with shimmer and light catching pigments. The bronzer duo can be used separately or together.

I've tested the colours together, I find that using the colours together make a much more shimmering and a bit more intense bronzer, it's perfect for day time and night time. I find this bronzer perfect to highlight areas of your face because it gives skin a natural glow while catching the light to highlight areas of your face.

I would recommend you give this bronzer a try because the results are absolutely amazing, the bronzer is fine textured and doesn't feel heavy on skin, it doesn't make skin oily. It's perfect for anyone who wants a bronzer to give skin a glow without too much of a bronzing effect, plus this bronzer can double up as an eye shadow!

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