Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Art Meets Make Up


Meet Sharfaa Kassiem, the CEO & Founder of Art meets Makeup an independent Visual Artist, Pro Makeup Artist and Muralist, known for her art collections, creative makeup video tutorials, funky personality and expert makeup skills.  

 Here is some information on the amazing Art meets Makeup CEO Sharfaa Kassiem.

Sharfaa Kassiem has been painting since the age of six years. She was encouraged to attend art school by an art teacher who noticed her artistic ability. Her parents supported her and she produced her very first painting at the age of eight years.
Above: Sharfaa's first painting at the age of eight.

Years later, she began to teach art to all age groups at Wembley Square and the V&A Waterfront. Teaching and hosting team building functions, birthday parties and big corporate events.

 Sharfaa has worked with the likes of: Allan Grey, Fushini Group, Old Mutual, Levis South Africa, DStv Home Channel, Conference Group, Sanlam and LO'real Paris to name a few.
 One of the most recent achievements in Sharfaa’s career was when she was approached by LO'real Paris to produce an artwork inspired by their tag line “Your worth it" for the launch of their brand new cosmetic line. She was challenged to create the artwork with LO'real Paris cosmetics and beauty products which she successfully managed to do.

The painting entitled "You worth it" featured on Expresso Morning breakfast show and was hung in the LO'real Paris executive offices.



Sharfaa’s Art meets Makeup Season 1 video tutorials has been very successful and she is currently working on Art meets Makeup Season 2. These makeup video tutorials will focus on woman of all colours and styles. She is also looking forward to really connecting to my viewers who have surpassed being the audience and have become close friends. I want to get to know them and connect on a personal level.
 Sharfaa started wearing makeup at the age of 10 and never went back. She believes what makes her truly qualified as a pro makeup artist other than trial and error plus painstaking study is that growing up she has made every makeup mistake in the book! Over plucked eyebrows! Crazy lip liner! Pitch black lipstick during a school play and melting foundation in front of her crush! She has done it all and because of this she is able to really convey to her clients on a relatable level the beauty tricks of the trade. 
Above: Sharfaa applying make up to a model. 
 Get Connected with Sharfaa Kassiem

For makeup lessons, makeup makeovers and Matric dance specials with Sharfaa.
Calling all women residing in Cape Town to feature in Art meets Makeup creative video tutorials. Upcoming seasons will include makeup demonstrations on models in the Art meets Makeup Studio.
To participate email sharfaakassiem@gmail.com
Also visit Sharfaa’s Official Facebook fan page to keep up to date with Art meets Makeup latest news.
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@skvisualartist for beauty tips and tricks
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  1. I had the opportunity to meet her at the Clinique event and she is the most sweetest, energetic and adorable person, ever!

    I always enjoy watching her videos!


  2. Awesome post on an awesome woman! xx

  3. hola cariño que blog mas hermoso tienes.
    tu look es monisimo y estas espectacular guapa besitos..
    me aria muchisima ilusion te pasaras por mi blog aber site gusta y si quieresnos podemos seguir mutuamente.


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