Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Labello Natural Volume

I trust Labello because its one of my favourite budget lip balms, a few years back, they came up with an awesome natural but lip plumping gloss which could make lips appear fuller and much more defined. Labello's Natural Volume's innovative collagen enhancers lock in moisture while using light reflecting pigments add an extra sumptuous, glass-like shine, for the subtle optical illusion of gorgeously plumper lips.

This gloss makes lips look and feel fuller and it's amazing! The gloss has a natural light pink colour, which is very reflective and catches the light at every turn. The gloss is slightly sticky, not too much but also makes lips feel silky smooth and amazing. The gloss is also SPF 15, which protects lips against damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Besides being a lip plumping gloss, the gloss is actually very moisturising and leaves lips feeling soft and smooth after a few days of use. The gloss comes in a cute white, shimmer pink and silver squeeze tube with a silver tube. The tube is easy to use and small enough to keep in a clutch bag for touch ups.

I would definitely recommend you give this product a try if you want fuller but more natural looking lips or if you looking for a lip gloss which is SPF 15. This Labello Natural Volume retails for R39 per tube.

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