Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Michel Mercier Detangling Brush for Fine Hair

Nobody likes tangles in their hair, especially when you have fine hair which is prone to tangles. My hair always has tangles in it, I needed a quick solution which was going to make everything easier and hassle free in the morning rush. Which is why this sleek brush caught my eye. I have owned one of these brushes before, however it wasn't actually for my hair texture, so it was completely useless to me, recently while shopping at Dis-Chem I came across the brush in a hot pink and black colour, I grabbed the last brush off the shelf.

The brush normally retails for R159, however the price has been reduced to R98,95. When I got home I begun to detangle! There is a slight pull here and there if the tangle is bad, other than that, it's pain free, but if you have hair loss, I would warn you... Your hair does end up on the brush! So it doesn't actually stop the hair from being pulled out, sadly.

This brush as 428 unique bristles which are all different heights to help detangle hair more efficiently. Plus this brush has a nice sturdy handle which is joined to the entire plastic brush, so no more breaking handles from the brush!
The only warning I could give you is that this brush shouldn't be used under heat, because when I checked the Michel Mercier Facebook Page, a lady had stated that her bristles melted because of the heat from her hair dryer!

I would really recommend you give this brush a try, especially if you have hair which tangles easily, plus you'll get so used to the brush, you won't want to try any other brush again, plus the brushes are super cute and colour coordinated for hair types.

The brush is available in the following:
  • Blue- Thick Hair
  • Green- Normal Hair
  • Pink- Fine Hair

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