Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Perfect Touch Hot Polish

Sleek, sexy, shiny, shimmering straight hair, what more could a girl ask for? Thanks to Perfect Touch's amazing Hot Polish, it's everything a girl needs for perfect hair, in a bottle. I've been using this hot polish for over two years now, and it's my perfect heat protective straightening créme. I hardly use heat protective créme, however I'm hooked on this amazing hot polish because it contains a special blend of silicones which help aid detangling, protects hair from heat damage, helps retain hair moisture and gives hair a smooth, shiny finish.

This hot polish is meant to prevent us girls from having fried ends and dry or brittle hair, and helps us protect or locks! However besides helping me prevent damage, I've noticed that this créme adds an extra shine to my hair, plus when I am straightening my hair, it feels and looks much more straight, smooth and glossy. This créme is non sticky, and all you need is a pea sized about of this hot polish for medium length hair. The scent of the hot polish smells fresh and sweet and makes hair feel and smell amazing.

I actually got hooked to this product because I saw the hot pink squeeze tube in a store, a long time ago. The squeeze tube is hot pink, with text and design in shimmering and reflecting sliver and black, I think it's quite eye catching and the design is really good. One tube of this hot polish can last over a year because you don't really need much.

I would recommend you give this product a try, I'm not really sure about the retail price, but I'm sure it's around R50 for a 150 ml bottle, which I find affordable because its long lasting, I also found it to be less oily on hair than most heat protective treatments. I think this should be your ultimate heat protective créme, and you won't go back to any other once you've tried this one. 


  1. This sounds amazing don't think we can get it here in Australia.

    I am following you now!

    Jac x0x

    1. Hey I am following you on GFC, Bloglovin and Google+ please follow me back.

      Jac x0x

    2. Hey there :) will follow you back now! It's quite amazing here!


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