Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Winter Tender Loving Care for your Body

Since winter is kicking in, which I'm sure everyone can actually feel since it's so cold and chilly. I took a trip to JHB this weekend and it was a bit too cold for me, I froze to near death and caught the cold and came back with absolutely dry skin (my moisturiser wasn't very nourishing) which left me unhappy. So I thought of making a Blog Post dedicated to our body and all the products to keep our skin looking its best.

1. Exfoliate
 Skin needs to be soft and smooth and all dead skin cells need to be removed, the only way to do this is to exfoliate. It's the best way to keep skin looking healthy and glowing. I would recommend you try one of the following products to exfoliate:
  • Dirty Works Body Scrub: It may seem gentle and light, but this amazing body scrub contains pumice in it which removes all dead skin cells for softer, smoother skin.

  • Sh'Zen Skin Stimulator : this sponge is perfect for removing dead skin cells while having a bath because its rough enough to remove dead skin but gentle enough not to hurt skin.

2. Moisturising Body Wash
 Winter can be harsh on skin, but so can a dry body wash or soap bar which will leave skin with a whitish dry and flaky look, to avoid it, I would recommend you try the following or one of the following:
  • OSH Moisture Burst Cream : this amazing body wash contains yogurt extracts to keep skin healthy and provide skin with extra moisture.

  • Dove Soap Bar : Dove soap bar contains all the moisture skin needs to look healthy and glow.

3.Extra Nourishing Moisturiser
 Skin needs a good moisturiser which will feed skin and keep skin looking healthy and glowing. I would recommend you try:
  •  Busby Liquid Gold Intensive Moisturiser: this amazing lotion which can be used on hands and body keeps skin soft and smooth. It's non sticky and absorbs into skin well.

  •  The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Butter : it's rich and very moisturising and is meant for dry skin which will keep skin looking soft and beautiful.

The best tip to keep skin looking amazing is try not to stay too long in the hot shower, the hot water irritates skin and makes it become very dry, so try to keep the showers shorter and warmer.



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