Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Volumising Lash Powder

Do you have short lashes and are in need of an extension so you can have full, long and luscious lashes? Well here's my solution! I found a unique and out of this world product which helps make short lashes look much longer yet completely natural. I came across the Essence Volumising Lash Powder while shopping in DisChem. I love this powder because its actually soft and fluffy fibres in a bottle and includes a mascara brush.

So how do you use this amazing Lash Powder?

You apply a coat of your favourite mascara, then simply brush on some lash fibres and add another coat of mascara! You'll be surprised by the amazing look you'll have. Plus it's simple to remove, just rub some eye make up remover on to lashes and watch it vanish away.

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