Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Elvive Triple Resist X3

I purchased this product this past weekend because I was excited to try something new. This shampoo bottle is really attractive, it has black, silver and bright pink or magenta. The shampoo is actually meant to :
Nourish from the root
Make hair Feel stronger

And is really meant for fragile hair with a tendency to fall. My hair isn't really fragile, however it's really fine and does fall a lot, so I decided to give it a try. It wasn't really expensive, I paid R30 for a 250ml bottle which was reasonable enough for me.

When I washed my hair on Sunday with the shampoo, I shampooed twice to get all the dirt and oil out and then used my Garnier Nutrisse Conditioner. After drying and styling I found that my hair was actually softer and looking much more shiny. I also noticed my hair wasn't as oily the next day and didn't need another wash on Monday morning, which is an extra bonus for me because my hair needs washing almost everyday.

Not forgetting the smell of this shampoo is so devine, it has a sweet light fragrance which leaves hair smelling sweet and fresh. I'm really going to try out the conditioner and mask! I recommend this product to anyone who has weak or oily hair, it really does wonders!

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