Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Bodyshop Chocomania Range

Chocomania Lip Butter
I simply love this lip balm, again everything chocolate, and smells so yummy, can't help but lick your lips every time you smell that yummy chocolatey smell. The balm has a lovely creamy feeling and gives lips a glossy look with a lot of nourishment and moisture. It's perfect for dry chapped lips, especially in winter.

Chocomania Body Scrub
This body scrub makes me feel like eating it all up. It smells so yummy that you have to remind yourself it's not edible, in fact it smells so yummy even The Body Shop had to remind us it's not for consumption. I really can't describe this body scrub, it has a lovely smooth feeling, while also a good texture to get rid of any dry skin cells and leave skin smelling amazingly chocolatey. The scrub isn't so harsh on skin so you're not going to injure yourself or damage skin. Plus it's perfect for sensitive skin.

Chocomania Soap
I love this soap, firstly because its in a heart shape, and second because it smells so yummy. I would agree that the soap does have a slight rough texture which helps make skin feel smoother. I also like that you don't need too much of the soap on the sponge because the soap is quite foamy and lathers quite well.

Chocomania Shower Cream
This body wash smells so amazing it really isn't funny. It makes me feel like I'm floating on bubbles of chocolate which is something I really love about this shower cream. It has a luxurious feel on skin and is super foamy. I would agree that the scent doesn't stay on your skin, however you can use other Chocomamia products to enhance the scent.

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