Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dirty Works Body Butter

I love the Dirty Works range. I have the supreme cream body butter. It has a soft, smooth creamy texture with an extra luxurious feeling. This body butter has an amazing original body works scent. The product should be massaged into damp skin to get a better nourishment and softer smoother skin. Plus the product comes in a 300ml tub which last really long, and is completely inexpensive for a rich body butter. Plus the body has two super nourishing ingredients which are Shea butter and sweet almond oil. I will admit the body butter isn't too thick which is why it absorbs completely in skin, however it gives the most moisturising feeling ever. Plus you don't need to massage a lot of the product into you skin, so a small amount can be used on both legs. I would recommend you give this product a try because it is really nourishing, especially because winter is around the corner, I would also recommend this product if you have dry skin because its absolutely moisturising. Plus if you have sensitive skin, this product is perfect because it isn't heavily fragranced.

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