Friday, 3 May 2013

Summer Shade Hair Protection Oil

Since Beauty Buttetin is Celelbrating March to be the Hair Month, I really thought I should try out two of Sh'zen's hair products and let all my Beauty Bulletin Members know more about the product. The first product I'm going to be reviewing is the Summer Shade Hair Protection Oil.

This oil is mainly for people who have :
Dry Hair
Hair that has been damaged by styling
Hair that has been damaged by sun
Hair that has been stressed out

My hair isn't really dry, but it has gone through its fair share of sun damage and heat damage by styling. I know Sh'Zen products really work because I have so many products I really can't count how many I have at home.

This oil was really simple to use, it didn't require any heating of the product. All you needed to do was use a sufficient enough of oil on hair and massage well into hair. It says keep on hair for about an hour, but I left mine overnight, thinking the more the better.

Which is exactly what happened, the more the better, as soon as I washed my hair, removing all the oil, I thought to myself this is going to take so long removing all the oil from my hair, surprisingly it washed out of my hair in two washes and my hair smelt so lovely and fresh with a gentle scent.

After drying my hair I noticed my hair was feeling a lot softer than usual, I then begun straightening my hair to notice shinier and silkier hair than usual. I really recommend this product to anyone who has hair damage, because this product really makes a difference.

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