Friday, 3 May 2013

RubyBox Tools : Make up removal sponges

I received these sponges in my March RubyBox and they are simply amazing. Everybody knows that simply washing your face full of make up doesn't really remove all the make up deep down in your skin, and of course using a face cloth can be really damaging to skin, so those smart people at RubyBox invented a Make up Remover Sponge.

It retails for R40 for a pack of two, and I'm assuming they are long lasting because they are made of quite good material. I was really excited to use my sponge, I wet it first and watched my sponge expand a little, I then applied some Clinique Soap to it and gently massaged it into my skin.

I was amazed, firstly because all my make up was removed quicker than normal, and to test it out, I wiped my face with make up remover and the cotton pad was as clean as ever. Secondly the sponge was so gentle on skin, it didn't irritate or hurt my skin in any way.

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to make their make up removal routine a quick and easy one! And a very affordable one too.

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