Friday, 3 May 2013

Soy Lites : Harmony

This is simply one of the most amazing yet craziest ideas someone has ever come up with, but you really have got to love this product because its simply amazing.

When I went to my favourite salon a year ago, there was a beautiful scent from a candle which definitely contained rose and jasmine. I really wanted to get one for my room so I asked my beautician about it, when I asked her where she bought that candle from she giggled, dipped her hand into the candle and rubbed it on my hand, as I watched her do that I was so freaked out you really wouldn't believe it, until I discovered the candle wax which is actually essential oils can be used as a body oil to nourish skin and has many healing properties.

I was so amazed with this product I just had to purchase it, of course you don't have to use it everyday, but once in a while is perfect, the product is really slow burning and can last you very long. The actual melted oil which pools once the candle is lit is only 2 degrees warmer than our body temperature so it's really not that hot when you touch it.

The candle can be used to nourish skin, and relieve skin from dryness and irritation. The soy lite is perfect for sensitive skin and doesn't irritate or trouble skin. The oil has a lovely warm, smooth and silky texture and feels so luxurious on skin, and is fragranced so beautifully. The fragrance is long lasting and all candles come in different scents.

The oil is non sticky and doesn't leave any residue behind. This product comes in super cute metal tins and glass and ceramic containers. It retails at R120 and is a bit pricey, however it's good enough for a splurge to spoil yourself or give as a gift to someone.

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