Friday, 3 May 2013

Icy Magic

They really didn't lie when naming this product Icy Magic! This product is really a magic treatment for eyes. I received it as a gift when I purchased other products and I will definitely buy this product again.

Being in campus can become really hectic and when you busy studying or doing assignments till late in the night, the next morning your eyes are sore and you begin to look like a zombie, which is something I hate because it always happens to me. I had this product kept in a box and I dug it up recently and decided to give it a try.

The product comes in a little lip gloss looking tube which is completely white and has some details about the product. When I opened the tube it had a metal roller ball, which is obviously for better application. As I rolled some of the product under my eyes, I gently massaged it in using my fingers and then discovered another reason why this product is called Icy Magic.

As soon as the product touched my eyes I felt an instant cooling effect to my eyes which gave my tired eyes a nice relief (like keeping cucumber slices on eyes) it also made my eyes feel energized and all the tiredness and sore feeling had vanished.

This product is really amazing, it retails for R195, which is quite expensive when you think about it, but it's really worth it for the effect it gives to tired eyes and its long lasting considering you not going to use it every single day. I would really recommend this product if you get really busy at campus or work and have tired eyes all day long! It's really amazing.

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