Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sensationail : Purple Orchid Gel Polish

If you own a Sensationail Gel System, this is definitely a colour you need to own. It's part of the Sensationail Classic Collection, and it's called : 71597 - PURPLE ORCHID. It has to be the most amazing colour you will find. Although the colour is called purple orchid, it isn't very purple, it's more of a dark blue when applied to nails with a slight purple hue. I love the fact that it has a little shimmer touch to it, because I love a good shimmer polish.

I have been using Sensationail Gel System from last year November when it released in South Africa, so when I bought this colour I was really excited because its my first new colour (check my next few reviews for the other colours I bought). I applied the gel to my finger nails and toe nails, about six weeks ago, I was surprised that the Gel lasted around 2 and a half weeks on my fingers and around 3 weeks on my toes.

I was impressed that it has lasted longer than my gel polish used to last before, it's probably a better formula. I would recommend you give this colour a try. The box comes with a 7.39ml bottle of gel polish (lasts 20 manicures plus the gel is thick so you just need one coat!) and a manicure stick.

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