Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ruby Kisses : Gel Eyeliner

I love eyeliners because they help me achieve a well defined look for my eyes, and also give eyes a very expressive look in general. I read a lot about this product in the Foschini Beauty Buzz and I really wanted to try it out, when I finally got hold of it about two weeks ago, I was really excited to give it a try.

This eyeliner is a gel eyeliner which comes with a brush of its own. I really thought this was a reasonable deal because I paid R69 for both the eyeliner and the brush. The eyeliner comes in a hard plastic and metal container which holds the gel.

I liked this gel eyeliner more because it was pure jet black and had no shimmer, which was perfect for a sophisticated look plus the gel eyeliner is creamy and smooth and has rich pigments which are very long lasting. The brush is just as amazing, the brush is flat but has a curved tip which allows a more precise application, the brush also has a sleek black finish with a nice design in hot pink which I really liked, it looks really attractive.

Putting this gel eyeliner to the test was the best thing ever, I had the easiest time testing this product, the eyeliner was applied to eyelids smoothly with absolutely no effort at all. I normally rub my eyes if they trouble, however this product didn't trouble my eyes at all, no itching, no burning...nothing at all. That made me feel much better about purchasing this product. But just for the sake of it, when I got home I rubbed my eye to see if the liner was strong enough and SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE! The eyeliner didn't budge at all!

The eyeliner is just as simple to remove and takes the least amount of time to remove effortlessly. I would recommend you try this product because it is really worth the price and very long lasting.

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