Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lee Stafford : Dry Shampoo - Dark Hair

This is for all my beauty bulletin ladies who have the problem with dry shampoo's which turn your hair white. Well now there's a solution for us! I saw this on the shelves of the Ballito Clicks, and before I knew it, the dry shampoo was in my shopping basket. I was absolutely excited to try this product out.

Dry shampoo is perfect for those days where you're stuck for a hair wash, or your hair needs that quick refresh. This dry shampoo has brown powder which settles on hair once you've sprayed it, then all hair needs is a quick massage and brush off the product.

I've noticed that with this dry shampoo my hair has much more volume and my hair doesn't look dull like it does when using any other dry shampoo. The best part is that hair smells and feels more refreshed. I would recommend you try this product out because its simply amazing and makes hair feel so fresh with no residue visible.

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