Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Perfect Pedi

I love this product! Is like a mini grater for your feet! I purchased this product two years ago and it's still going strong! The product is in the shape of a little foot, which allows you to hold the product perfectly, it has a little cover which keeps the grater safe and has a little buffing emery board on the cover.

The skin grating blade has a separate compartment to keep skin shavings so there is no mess anywhere. Don't be fooled. This foot grater may sound painful but it doesn't hurt at all, and it removes a really small bit of skin, just to make feet softer, once you're done removing the rough, dry skin from heels, you use the emery board on the lid to buff skin for a smooth velvet touch.

I would really recommend you purchase this product because it only cost R99 and makes feet feel amazingly soft and smooth which is perfect to do anywhere!

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