Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Nail Experts : Gold Strength

I was very reluctant to purchase this product, but I thought hey, what's to lose? And I gave the product a try. The product is a goldfish yellow in colour, and has slight flecks of gold shimmer, according to Avon, those are actual gold flecks.

So you basically apply this product like you would apply nail polish to your nails, the Gold Strength looks and feels like nail polish, oh and smells like nail polish too! Once try the goldish, yellowish colour which Gold Strength had in the bottle turns clear, with tiny small flecks of gold which can be seen in the sunlight or bright light. I would actually look like clear nail polish with shimmer in it.

Overall the product did make my nails glow like it said it would, and the product made my nails feel smoother, as for the ridges I'm not sure if I just didn't get anymore ridges because I buffed my nails or its just working. So for R39 I would recommend the product, if you find it's not actually working for you then hey! You can use it as a top coat for a shimmer effect right?

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