Tuesday, 14 May 2013

French Manicure Pen Kit - Sassy Pink

I'm sure there are many people who cannot perform a perfect French manicure by themselves, but there is hope! I purchased this kit for R100 which I felt was a bargain because firstly Nailene is a very good, well known brand and none of their products fail, secondly because the kit contained a :
  • White mistake proof French nail polish pen
  • A sassy pink nail polish colour
  • A clear acrylic top coat
  • Nail tip guides

I found that it was easier to perform a French Manicure with this set because the pen tip was super thin which allowed a much better line because I could control the line to the way I wanted it. Plus the acrylic top coat was really strong because I had a French Manicure for almost a week with no chips.

I would recommend you give this product a try! You can achieve perfect flawless French manicure in your own time.

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