Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Caribbean Tan : Body Exfoliator

I was so impressed with this exfoliator mainly because it was R50 for a 500ml tub which I found really inexpensive because other scrubs can become really pricey. This scrub is actually made for using before you tan so you can get a flawless tan, so that would mean it works extra hard on skin! So I gave it a try.

When I opened the tub the product had a lovely deep cinnamon scent with a light fresh coconut scent. I really couldn't wait to try this product out. I gently massages a small amount into my damp skin and massaged in circular motions, after a minute of massaging, I rinsed off the product with warm water and patted skin dry. It was amazing, my skin felt so soft and smooth, and it wasn't dry of flaky but rather well nourished.

If you need to find a way to remove dead skin cells from your body and you looking for a good scrub, I would recommend you try this product out, it's really worth the price and I am sure you cannot go wrong with choosing this product.

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