Wednesday, 15 May 2013


So everyday if I find a product in my make up bag which I find effective, useful and I feel that everybody should really own one of these products, I will blog about it and share my information. Today while I was digging in my make up bag, I found the product of the day.


Today I've chosen a lipstick as my product of the day. This is not just any lipstick, this is the amazing Yardley Colour Rush Lipstick. This amazing lipstick gives bright, bold and brilliant a completely new meaning. This amazing lipstick has a unique formulation which is highly pigmented providing a rich and high definition colour. However it gets much more amazing because the lipstick has a comfortable, lightweight texture you will just need one smooth glide over your lips to give you a glamorous beautiful look.

I would recommend you give this lipstick a try, mainly because the colour of the lipstick is bright and vibrant and doesn't actually fade quickly but rather forms a slight matte finish on lips without drying out lips. I own this lipstick in the colour Frosty Chocochino, which is a mix of a lovely chocolate colour with a peach and shimmer.

I'm going to do a specific packaging section because the packaging of this amazing lipstick is so unique and I was really impressed with it. The lipstick has a matte and velvet packaging which is red. It actually feels like a smooth velvet rubber cover which is absolutely stunning, plus the inner barrel is shimmering silver to look absolutely classic.

This amazing lipstick is available in 12 shades. I would recommend you get yours as soon as possible

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