Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Yardley Gel Lac Range

Thank you to Beauty Bulletin for sending me the amazing range of Yardley Gel Lac Nail Polishes as a prize. I've fallen in love with this range. It gives you the look, feel and shine as real gel but doesn't need a UV or LED light to cure! This amazing polish dries in no time and leaves nails looking amazing for up to one week.

Here is a brief  PRO's and CON's for the Yardley Gel Lac Polish

Super smooth colour
  • Large applicator brush for perfect strokes of polish
  • Super shiny finish
  • Glossy look and feel
  • Luxurious colours with high pigments
  • Looks good on long and short nails
  • Doesn't need a lot of drying time
  • Available in 11 amazing colours
  • AND THE BEST ONE FOR LAST- if you're a messy painter (like me) don't worry, the polish is super nail polish remover friendly, and isn't hard to remove from the edges.

  • There is not much information about the product, and hardly anybody knows about it
  • The applicator brush is abit big for my pinky finger and messes a little.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants beautiful high gloss nails, with amazing colour in few minutes. This product is really hard to find out about, but I hope I gave you guys enough information about it. It's an amazing product and everyone should really try it out!
 Retail Price : R69 per Bottle

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