Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Originals : Hand & Nail Cream

I received this product as a free sample in the April Rubybox 2013, however I've already placed an order for a larger tube of this product because its so amazing. At first I was really sceptical about trying this product out because my skin is really sensitive but this product turned out to get an all thumbs up.

I've finished my entire sample tube in a week of using this product and I've seen an amazing difference in my hands. The hand and nail cream has a slight thickish texture but is absolutely light, which makes it perfect because nobody wants a hand and nail cream which is thick and makes skin feel greasy and oily.

The smell of this hand and nail cream has a slight weird scent at first, but then I got used to it, which made it perfect because it was getting me hooked. In a week of using the product I've noticed softer smoother skin, my skin also looked more nourished and much more healthy.

I would recommend you give this product a try because it is simply amazing, it retails for R39 a tube and for R39 I feel it's worth it because you getting softer, smoother hands in a matter of days, for a fraction of the price.

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