Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Calendula Travel Pack

This beautiful gift set features refillable 50ml bottles of our everyday hair and body essentials. The calendula flower delivers an oil with great healing, soothing and softening qualities - and it's a key ingredient in our core hair and body ranges. (website)

The range contains:
  • The Feminine Body Wash
  • Daily Moisture Repair
  • The Balancing Shampoo
  • Natural Treatment for Hair

The Feminine Body Wash

This is one of the most amazing Sh'zen body washes I've ever come across, it's designed for skin which is really sensitive. This soap has a pH of 5.5, which is the same as skin and there is no irritation or itching or burning of skin. This soap is in a liquid gel form (slightly thicker than body wash) and foams like soap and works like a gentle cleanser. The gel soothes skin and rinses off easily without drying skin. The wash contains Calendula, which works on skin as a natural antiseptic and calms skin and restores moisture to skin. The product is fragrance free, but has a very natural smell which is refreshing. I love the way my skin feels after using this product.

Daily Moisture Repair

I have the large tube of this product because it is the most amazing lotion I could ever come across. This moisturiser is very lightweight, and soaks into skin as soon as it is massaged into skin. I love the way this moisturiser nourishes my skin and it absorbs so fast that there's no oily residue left on skin but rather well nourished and soft, smooth and silky skin. The moisturiser contains Carrot and Sweet Almond oils which helps moisturise skin and help skin restore all the lost moisture. While the moisturiser contains Calendula which helps to soothe sensitive or damaged skin. The product also contains Coltsfoot and Oak Bark extracts which is used to refresh skin and allow skin to be fresh and deodorized. This product works best on warm skin as it soaks in better and gives skin more moisture.

Balancing Shampoo

This is a salon quality shampoo which makes hair feel so refreshed and amazing, you really won't believe it. After three weeks of using this product I saw such a huge difference in my hair, I really couldn't believe how amazing it was. The shampoo contains Honey to nourish and moisturise damaged hair and leave hair silky soft and super shiny. While the shampoo contains amino acids to strengthen locks and improve elasticity, which leaves hair looking stronger than before, and the product has Calendula essential oil, which penetrates deep into the hair shaft to stimulate repair and encourage new growth. This product is perfect if you have coloured hair or very weak or oily hair because it helps hair become stronger, smoother, silkier and far more shiny.

Natural Treatment for Hair

Forget conditioner, this natural hair mask is perfect for damaged hair because it helps hair within a month. The natural treatment is pH-balanced and is a healing conditioner nourishes the hair and scalp to deliver soft, shiny locks. The product contains Honey, which helps hair by moisturising and conditioning. while the Calendula in the product helps to heals and repairs. the hair treatment also contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which is used to strengthen and encourages new growth. This amazing Natural Hair Treatment is perfect for dry, damaged, stressed and chemically treated hair, this moisturising and detangling product will add natural body, bounce, elasticity and shine. This product should be left on hair overnight for better results, but can be used as a normal hair conditioner.

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