Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mineral Correcting Powder

Price wise this product is a bit of a splurge, but thank God for Dis-Chems two for R250 sale! I went crazy on Physicians Formula products! I purchased this amazing Mineral Correcting powder. Firstly I've never really tried it out because well the thought of having like 50 colours swirled on my face isn't my type of thing.

But I couldn't resist because the product was so colourful and just said BUY ME!!! and scarily the Mineral Corrector reminded me of the candy floss which is pink and green and blue mixed together, I'm not sure if they still make it but when I was younger it was only available at the beach front.

Back to the product though, so this amazing Mineral Powder is meant to be a primer, corrector and a powder. And the pink in the swirl is meant to make skin appear brighter, the green tones down redness and the yellow adds a glow and warmth to skin.

So I decided to gave it a try, I gave the cute brush a good swirl in the Mineral Corrector and applied it to my face, I was a bit impressed, because my face did actually appear slightly brighter but just a little, and it had a nice glow look but I couldn't tell the redness because I don't ever have redness on my face, so that department was invalid.

I suppose this product would actually work better on lighter skin which is more prone to redness and skin which can sometimes appear dull. I would recommend you give this product a try if you want to actually correct any redness, dullness and need a good glow and warmth to your face.

Plus if you don't really need it, but really want to try it out, buy it as a powder set, because this amazing powder doesn't fade and cake on skin at all. Plus it has a super cute candy coloured brush which is light and gentle on skin!

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