Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Make- Up Brush 101

Every girl owns a few good make up brushes, but do you really know what they really used for? Or how to use them to achieve the best look for you? If not, then welcome to Make-Up Brushes 101!

Meet a few of the following brushes that I own:

From left to right

1.Flat powder/blusher Brush: It's actually meant for power, however it's not big and puffy, because the bristles are straight and long. It helps achieve a more defined look, especially if you want to give your face a more defined look. I use this brush with my darker power and apply it under my cheeks to give me a more sculptured look.

2. Powder Brush: This brush is much more fluffy and bigger so you can easily dust off loose powder on your face. It has soft bristles which give skin a lovely look.

3. Blusher Brush: This is my longest lasting brush which comes from the Clinique range. It helps me achieve the perfect look when I'm applying blusher. It transfers colour well.

4. Angled Brush: This brush happens to be my favourite. The bristles are angled which helps when applying blush or bronzer.

5. Eye shadow Brush: This brush is also part of the Clinique set I own. It helps apply eye shadow perfectly without the mess.

6. Rounded Eye shadow Brush: I find this eye shadow brush easier to use when trying to achieve a smokey eye because it gives me the exact look which I love.

7. Brow Brush: This brush helps achieve perfected brows. It's also used to separate lashes once you've applied mascara.

8. Kabuki Brush: This brush is short and the bristles have a slight rough feeling. However this amazing brush is perfect for applying mineral foundation because it blends in well.

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