Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Break Out SOS!

Nobody likes a breakout especially when they have a date to go on, or you have plans to meet friends and you don't want people to see your crazy blemish which appeared out of no where! Most people try home remedies first. A famous home remedy for a blemish to be ZAPPED is to use toothpaste.

It's a NO NO! The toothpaste can do more damage than actually help skin and that blemish. Many people say that toothpaste can dry out blemishes, however it can actually burn skin and cause skin to scar where you had the blemish.

So what's my solution?

Try a cream or gel which you can apply over the blemish which will dry it quicker! I would recommend you try The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Gel, because this amazing gel can do wonders to skin! It's small and convenient so it can fit in your hand bag when you need it on the go! This gel helps calm skin and soothe the blemish so there's no pain or redness for too long. This gel can be used by itself or under make up and the results are amazing. It retails for R60 at all Body Shop Stores

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