Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Brazil Nut Body Butter

I simply love Brazil Nut!! Mostly the taste of it, however when I came across this body butter in The Body Shop, I loved the smell. I've never actually imagined Brazil nut to have such a sweet scent and then be soaked into skin leaving skin having with that sweet scent. This amazing body butter is really nutty, but I mean it in the best possible!

So what do I say to this product?

Well it's super moisturising and leaves skin silky soft and smooth. Everybody knows Body Shop Body Butters are rich and creamy and very luxurious on skin. So what's the secret behind this amazing body butter? Well... This body butter contains Community Fair Trade Brazil Nut Oil which melts into skin and leaving it feeling softer and smoother from first application.

I would recommend this product for winter because this amazing body butter is especially for dry skin and will leave skin feeling amazingly soft, smooth and amazing. It's a must if you have extremely dry skin or you want to prepare for this winter with extra nourished skin.

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