Tuesday, 14 May 2013


So everyday if I find a product in my make up bag which I find effective, useful and I feel that everybody should really own one of these products, I will blog about it and share my information. Today while I was digging in my make up bag, I found the product of the day.


Presenting my favourite Revlon Colourstay Eyeliner in Black. It's actually traditional for Indian girls to wear eyeliner (we make our own, but it's too long and a little messy to carry around with me, so I purchase one to keep in my bag for touch ups) but this eyeliner is so amazing, I just choose to use it everyday for a perfect look.

This eyeliner is slim and has a sleek, smooth and glossy casing with a retractable eye Khôl or Kajal. People generally say that the retractable eye pencils break, or they finish faster, however that's not true because mine has been lasting me quite some time and it's really amazing. This eyeliner has a creamy consistency which applies perfectly to eyes giving them a well defined look. The pitch black pigments transfer smoothly onto eyes without irritating or burning eyes. I've also noticed that this is the longest eye liner I've ever used and I hardly needed to touch up at all.

PRO's and CON's

  • Super smooth eyeliner
  • Glides on effortlessly
  • Has dark pigments
  • Is available in four shades
  • The eyeliner is water proof
  • The eyeliner is fade proof
  • The eyeliner is smudge proof
  • Plus it can wear up to 16 hours
  • The eyeliner is also long lasting
  • The eyeliner has a strong casing
  • The eyeliner doesn't need sharpening
  • The eyeliner doesn't trouble eyes

  • The eyeliner is expensive

I would really recommend you give this eyeliner a try, for R130 just for an eyeliner is quite a spurge, however it's smudge proof, waterproof, and fade proof and give eyes an amazing, well defined look without any serious effort. Plus how can you say no to dramatic eyes this winter?

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