Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Yardley Twist Nails : Party Perfect

How can you simply resist a beautiful polish in all colours, which has high pigments to give you bright, deep and long lasting colour, while giving your nails a beautiful shimmering colour which looks simply flawless. And now just to make everything much more better, the polish is holographic which changes colour in the light your nails are exposed to.

I chose the colour Party Perfect because I wanted a lovely bronzed colour polish, before I purchased the product I really didn't know much about it besides the fact that it was a 4D polish, which I didn't believe. It is actually a 4D polish, because it gives nails different dimensions of colour.

The polish is a glass bottle with white writing, mainly so you can see the different colours through the bottle, and comes with a super shiny hard metal silver lid which looks really expensive and classy. I couldn't wait to try this product out.

When i opened the polish bottle it had a perfect flat brush to apply the polish evenly and effortlessly, I was so excited. I applied two coats of the polish to my nails and eagerly waited for the polish to dry, I was amazed. The polish dried in under 10 minutes and had a lovely high shine with a silky smooth feel on my nails. I really couldn't stop feeling them, now it was time to test the 4D effect, in the light the polish changed from a bronze colour, to a purple, to a green to a gold and back and forth every time I turned my hands, I really couldn't get enough of this product.

This nail polish is limited edition, but if you really get the chance and find it in any Yardley edition, I would recommend you give the nail polish a try! It retails at R49, and comes in many colours like purple, green and blue. So there's a colour for everyone and anyone.

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