Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Crystal Eyeliner

This amazing crystal eyeliner is definitely going to make you sparkle like Bella, this amazing crystal eyeliner is slim and small and can fit anywhere. The brush is long and flat which achieves a better, well defined line that you're trying to achieve.

This eyeliner is a clear gel which has a slight colour tint, mine is in purple, and has tiny flecks of glitter which is in purple, red and silver. The gel is slightly thick so it allows you to get a lot of the glitter onto eyelids in a swipe. I was really excited when trying this product out because I have used a glitter eyeliner from Essence before which gave me an amazing top liner which was long lasting.

However, as much as I liked this product, I was a little disappointed in this product. I shook the tube so the glitter and gel can mix, however it didn't really make a difference. When I applied it to my eyelids I found there wasn't enough of glitter which was transferred, which didn't make me happy because I found it was a complete waste of using the eyeliner, but I applied two to three coats more of the eyeliner to find an amazing sparkly look to my eyelids.

The product has its ups and downs, I would recommend you give the product a try though, because even though it requires a couple of good coats to make eye lids sparkle, it's long wearing and very light on eyes. The crystal eyeliner is also perfect for sensitive eyes and doesn't burn or irritate eyes. Plus the eyeliner brush is long and flat so you can achieve a perfect top line in just a simple stoke.

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