Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tip Top Nailpolish and Sprinkles

So I came across this product in Clicks and I really wanted to try it out because it looked really fun. The whole nail caviar thing is a real fashion hit and I have seen a lot of people try it out, so I thought maybe I should too.

I didn't want my nails to look like cupcakes with 100's and 1000's so I opted for the black polish with black caviar, I thought it might just look better and guess what, it did! I was so eager to try it out,I really couldn't wait.

All you have to do is paint uour nails and while the paint is wet, drop some of the nail caviar on the wet polish and press it slightly and you're done! I found the whole dropping the caviar thing to be a little hard because I had to do each nail by its self and the whole paint and caviar being on either side of the polish made it really hard for me to do, plus I waisted a lot and when I say a lot I mean A LOT of caviar all over the floor and working table. *oops*

When my nails dried they didn't look like I had applied cupcake frosting to my nails but rather that I had black nail polish with black nail art (sounds stupid I know) but I actually liked the texture it had. I applied... Well tried to apply the caviar only to the tips of my nails, so the effect I had achieved was really nice mainly because I had a smooth glossy side from my cuticle till half way, and a rough texture from half way till the tip.

I thought it was really amazing and I'm looking forward to purchasing more colours in future, it's available in the following colours :
Gold with gold caviar
Light pink with rainbow caviar
White with silver caviar
Pink with pink caviar
Black with black caviar

I would really recommend you try this product out, it's a really nice experience and really fun because you can be really creative! Plus they long lasting and can last up to a week or so. It just gets a little messy, but there's a way to solve every problem.

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