Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pamplemousse Massage Bar

A bar of soap which can be used to massage your body because it has nubs! Find me another reason not to try this product out! This product has to be one of e most amazing and creative ideas put together and placed in the market today! I couldn't think of anything more effective than something like this.

This product has grapefruit essential oils, which smells really zesty, which is used in the soap to help clear congested pores for a smoother looking skin and grapefruit is also used to stimulate circulation to rid the body of toxins and tone the skin, so frequent use of the product will give you a smoother, tighter skin which also help with controlling cellulite and help with weightloss.

And the best part for last is that these amazing zesty nubs which the massage bar has, helps make skin firmer and helps with good blood circulation, plus it also helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage which gets rid of cellulite.

I would really recommend you try this product because it is very effective and frequent use of the product helps a lot, plus it has a lovely citrus scent which I really can't get over, and it makes skin feel softer and smoother after use. The only down side of this product is that the nubs melt away quickly but for R50 it really is worth it!

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