Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Curve

Ladies may I present the lastest addition to my NYX collection, the one and only THE CURVE! This is an amazing felt tip liquid liner which is shaped perfectly for you to achieve the best, most amazing and eye catching cat eye look which nobody has ever come across before.

I read a lot about this product and eagerly awaited The Curve's presence to grace South African stores. This amazing eyeliner fits perfectly into your hand with a stronger grip, so you can create a better line, plus it's longer lasting do your amazing look can now last twice as long.

Here's the sad part, this eyeliner retails for around R200, but I promise you it is worth the splurge because firstly you deserve it, and secondly you will never buy another eye liner pen again. This amazing pen is a real beauty, I really can't get over it yet.

The part that I really like about the Eyeliner pen is that I like to achieve a really thin line, and with this Eyeliner pen I can because the tip is really fine (something close to a liquid liner tip) and it comes out beautifully because there's no unsteady line due to the perfect grip (it feels like holding a gun in your hand).

And just to make things better for this eyeliner, it has these amazing Pro's :
The liner is waterproof,so no raccoon eyes for you,
It can last up to fourteen hours, perfect for the ultimate party animal
There's no fading of the eyeliner
The eyeliner is quick drying
The eyeliner is smudge proof

And to make you feel safer about your eyes the product contains no Paraben or Formaldehyde which means your eyes are 100% safe with this eyeliner. And there's no irritation, burning or any of those things experienced with this eyeliner!

But an important fact to remember is to place the lid back on properly! Because the pen can dry out! So I would really recommend you give this product a try. You can't go wrong! And you'll be amazed at the perfection this product allows you to achieve.

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