Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Hello Kitty Miniature Set

So I spotted this super cute Hello Kitty perfume set and I knew I had to have it, plus it was on sale! I saved R300 so it was an excuse to buy it. When I received it I was so excited to see my new Hello Kitty perfumes I couldn't hold my excitement any longer and ripped open the postal box to find a super cute little box with hello kitty in five different colours.

I assumed that all the different colours meant different scents. As soon as I opened the box I saw five mini Hello Kitty heads sitting in the box made of pure glass, with coloured bows. All I could say was "awwwwww". I was so amazed. I will be honest, they looked like a really weird kind of Hello Kitty, because the actual bottles didnt look like the real real Hello Kitty.

I thought I'd open the purple bottle first since purple is my favourite colour, when I opened the bottle, which was a complete MISSION to open! Even a bottle of wine is easier to open, because I would have resorted to gulping down a bottle just trying to open this one! After a few GOOD minutes I finally opened the bottle and got a really sweet candy kind of scent. It smelt like a lollipop. In excitement I spend about an hour opening all the bottles to find they all smelt the same.

Disappointed I thought it will be fine, I keep a little bottle in each bag, not that it matters because by the time I actually open it, it might be night time. But never the less, I wouldn't recommend you try this product, because it disappointed one of the biggest Hello Kitty fans ever!

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