Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Gel Bead Eyemask

By now you should know how absolutely crazy I am about these pretty eye masks! This one just got me at first glance, it's pink, and has little gel beads in them, and again IT'S PINK! I was super excited and grabbed it off the shelf, I really couldn't help it. It was just too cute for me not to buy.

I was so eager to try it out, I popped it in the fridge for around an hour until it got super chilled, and let the pampering begin! At first I felt the eye mask was slightly colder than any other eye mask I've ever used (guess the gel beads keeping it cooler really does work) and the eye mask made my tired sore eyes feel instantly relieved and tension free, not to mention feeling so relaxed I could sleep right there!

Plus the coldness lasted around an hour, I didn't keep it on my eyes that long, but it was left on the bed after use and was still cold after a lot of time. I would really recommend you try this eye mask out! At R40 it's really affordable for an eye mask which gives a new meaning to relief. You really will love this product, especially if you're a student or work really hard. It will do wonders.

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