Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Crackle Nails

Ladies may I present you to ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING CRACKLE NAIL POLISHES EVER!!!! I really can't get over it, I've been staring at my nails for the past hour, still amazed that this polish looks so amazing. Honestly I've never been a fan of the crackle polish cause it looked horrible when I experimented with it. However after I tried the latest Yardley polish, I really wanted to try this polish out.

I bought both the crackle solid base coat, and the crackle polish. I was super excited to try it out, and to be honest I've never even heard of this product until I saw it myself yesterday! I purchased the base coat in Natural Beige and the crackle in Toffee Cream, mainly because I wanted a really natural look and I really liked the Toffee Cream colour as well.

The instructions on the bottle say : Apply two coats of the solid base coat and allow to dry, then apply the crackle coat and allow to dry. Within four minutes the polish will crack and be ready. And apply a top coat to protect design.

So that's what exactly what I did! I applied two coats of the luxuriously thick and creamy coloured base coat and eagerly waited for drying time to be complete. Super excited I applied a light layer of the crackle polish, which I thought wasn't enough because I could still see the base coat, but I was surprised! I gave the polish five minutes and WOW! The polish cracked into the most perfect look. It actually looked a lot like a mosaic art and for the first time I was so amazed that crackle polish could look so amazing. I could actually feel the ridges in my polish. I applied a top coat to protect my colour and waited for it to dry and amazement had kicked in! This has to be one of the most amazing nail polishes I've come across in a really long time! I really can't explain how excited I am about it.

PRO's and CON's

Amazing design
Good quality nail polish
Flat brush for easier painting
Comes in many colours for all looks
Doesn't just look but feel amazing
Eye catching

It's a bit expensive

I would really recommend you try this product, whether you like wearing crackle polish or not, it will really change your views on crackle polish forever. I will post pictures of my nails soon I promise!

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